Passengers: Sumitabh and Anindita

I see you, O unfortunate
Standing in poverty’s chains.
You have none to go to
Nor have any claims.
I see you everyday
Whenever I go out,
But ’tis criminal of me
Not to hear your silent shout.
I see you toil and struggle
I see you earn hard
But yet you are a muggle
An illiterate glass shard.
So biased am I have been
But now I’ll be not blind
I will stand up for you
Rather than being just kind.
You are everywhere, and so am I,
We are of the same Earth and Sky.
We are not different
But just divided by a temperment-
A temperment divisive
Carcinogenic to the soul
It subtly corrodes us
And consumes us in the whole.
Please forgive me, O unfortunate
I was unluckier than thee
For I wasn’t considerate
And grossly failed to see.
(poem by Anush Misra Ghosh )