#Shorts: When is a product design complete?

Building a “minimum lovable product” was originally coined in 2013 by Henrik Kniberg in his overview of the product development process at Spotify. Picture: https://academy.nobl.io/start-with-a-skateboard-how-spotify-builds-products/

This puts us into questioning and deciding if certain features are required at certain stages and their impacts.

One product that I use regularly happen to implement monthly design changes(most importantly new usable/essential features) and I am usually in awe. This made me look up and follow Swiggy’s design team’s Saptarshi Prakash. With it’s narrowing down of new features e.g. health hub, it could reach the customers looking for healthier versions or focus on nutrition, while collaborating with nutritionists and expanding more takeaway options. It’s usability and aesthetics make it likeable, e.g. design of a Santa delivery person riding a two-wheeler during Christmas(motion design).